A Bit More Info About What You Get


We thought you might need a little bit more information about what you get.

The first thing to say is that the DEMO is just that, it includes a lot of things that you probably won't need, but we put them in just to show some of the variations that are possible, so don't be put off by all those different "next" "previous" buttons, they are there just to show the possibilities.

What you get is the component, without all those different things going on, & the images/thumbnails will be placeholders, with recommended image sizes etc

 The images also have different animations applied, once again just to show you what is available, you can make your own decision as to what you want.

There is a PDF document included with the download that explains some of the stylings, how to apply different settings add or take away stuff.

On request we can send you a video explaining the different things going on, or you can request something more specific if you get stuck. Email Us >>> here   

Thanks for your interest in this special edition component
Wayan & Lina


Placeholder Picture

I Shouldn't Really Have To Say This,
But, there are some out there that seem to be missing a light bulb and need leading by the hand continuously.

The set of buttons on this page with the underline'overline effect ARE JUST EXAMPLES using the CSS code to show the different effects. the way this INGREDIENT it works is that you insert a button-link, or a text link or an image link, whatever element you wish tp apply the "on hover underline/overline" effect to in the normal way 

The actual button ingredients which you download come as the default button colour for whatever framework you download, so you can simply change that colour to whatever you want if you want.

HOWEVER, I wouldn't recommend changing the background colour for the button in the "hover" state, just the background colour in the "Regular" State

The underline/overline colour and the animation speed, line thickness etc is controlled with the CSS and there are instructions on how to do that with the download.

Sorry if that all sounds obvious but you wouldn't believe the number of people who said they liked the effect but not the colours of the buttons or the underline/overline, & could I change them for them !!  Ahh well there is one born every minute so they say

So if you want the buttons for adding to you components in your Resources,